Environmental protection, the ban of plastic

Environmental protection, the ban of plastic materials, and an open discourse among attendees on their own ideas and methods for sustainability within the field. 


Anvar Mammadi’s dream is to bring together engineers from all over the world  to determine the way forward in the industry.

Mammadli, a Master student at the University of Freiberg, and Founder of the Horizon Education Agency has, along with a team of ten students from Azerbaijan, as well as sponsors suc as  Metak LLC, Azerstar LLC , and VASW e.V., already organized First Global Engineering Symposiums in his hometown of Baku, Azerbaijan last year .

The 2nd Global Engineering Symposium will be held in Baku, Azerbaijan, scheduled for March 13th and 14th, 2020 will include18 speakers from Germany, Ireland, England, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brazil, Netherland, India, UAE, Portugal, Iran, Greece, South Africa, and Azerbaijan, as well as more than 400 attendees. The two-day symposium is organized by Horizon Education Agency with the support of TU BergakademieFreiberg, and sponsored by the Azerbaijani Diaspora Support Fund in addition to local companies such as AZELKO LLC, AzerGold CJSC, Buqelemun Global Student Platfom, a partner of Azerbaijan Convention Bureau. 

Without any purpose, this entrepreneurial  student from Baku says his interests lie in “how to discover the best of young international professionals in this field have to offer. 

His own thesis, on Sustainable Mining and Remediation Management (MoRe) sets the tone for the subjects under discussion at the next Symposium on March 13-14, 2020: namely environmental protection, the ban of plastic materials, and an open discourse among attendees on their own ideas and methods for sustainability within the field.

The first Symposium featured renowned speakers and researchers from the TU Bergakademie Freiberg such as Prof. Dr. rer.nat. Felix Plamper, from the Institute of Physical Chemistry, and Dr.-Ing. George Barakos from the Institute of Mining and Special Foundation Engineering. They spoke about engineering training programs, and the current state of research in the fields of chemistry and mining.

Mammadli’s main goal with these Symposiums (with next one to take place in South Africa on October 24, 2020) is to encourage young engineers and scientists to take part in bettering their industry. 

“This is about lifelong learning,” says Mammadi. “It’s a great chance to showcase ideas to inspire young specialists. It’s so important for youth to take an interest [rather than] studying in isolated pockets It’s an opportunity for these young people to learn how and why their speciality is so important, and how they can use it for  protection of  the environment.”

The Symposium is expected to host 20, 000 young professionals from over fifty industrial countries, and will be conducted in English. Among the various specialists attending the event are oil and chemical engineers, mining and mechanical engineers, as well as specialists in the construction and information technology sectors, all come together to provide a platform for the exchange of ideas.

“Right now,” says Mammadli, “everything has to change. Because students are now willing to study in English, it provides them with a chance to network with international academics. Mammadli concludes , “Networking is really important to me. It improves international communication and diplomacy and is really helpful for ideas because of helping  us to extend our ideas.We are trying in general to extend moderate ideas, so we can do something in other countries, following the E.U. rules and guidelines.”

Mammadli is an example of what international cooperation and communication can achieve. “I am from Azerbaijan, getting support from Azerbaijan and Germany as well as in the international community…I started this idea independently. Nobody told me what to do or did not give me instructions for this idea, nevertheless  my supervisor, Dr. Barakos, encouraged me throughout the process.

Therefore, I also try to help students like me and hope to just keep helping others to do my best.”

Sixteen speakers will participate  on various subjects in third symposium that will be held in  Bloemfontein, South Africa.Plans for a 2021 Symposium are set for Estonia.



Kira Wronska Dorward UE is a journalist, editor, and writer. She attended Trinity College as an undergraduate at the University of Toronto, graduating in 2012 as a Specialist in History. In 2014she successfully attained a Master of Arts in Modern History. In the past she has worked for Magazines Canada, The National Magazine Awards, The Digital Publishing Awards, and The Canadian Business Media Awards. She is a former staff writer for the now defunct magazine Caledon Living, a former reporter for the London Publishing Corporation, and has contributed to various literary journals at the University of Toronto. In 2013, she received the Student Engagement in the Arts Award from the University of Toronto for her work as Editor-in-Chief (2012) of The Hart House Review. She was subsequently the Senior Fiction Editor for the 2013 edition. She is currently a writer for In the Hills Magazine, as well as working on her first novel.


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